2022 Biennial Performance Report

Accelerating the Next Generation of Technology in Texas


State agencies are committed to serving Texans by providing high-quality, convenient, and reliable access to government information and services. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated digital transformation in state government, fundamentally changing the way agencies operate and deliver services to Texans. It is important to understand these changes and to assess the current state of use of information technology resources by government agencies. 
Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)
This report addresses the progress over fiscal years 2021 and 2022 toward the four technology goals defined in the 2022-2026 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management. It highlights state agency technology accomplishments, identifies concerns, and makes recommendations for improving the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the state’s use of information resources. The BPR also includes supplemental reports on specific technology issues as required by Government Code Chapter 2054. 

About the 2022 Biennial Performance Report

The Information Resources Management Act, Government Code Chapter 2054, requires the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to prepare and submit to the Governor and the Legislature a biennial performance report on the use of information resources technologies by state government (Government Code 2054.055). For purposes of this report, the terms “technology” and “information technology” (IT) include information and communications technology.
DIR compiles this report using state agencies and institutions of higher education (IHE) responses to the 2022 Information Resources Deployment Review (IRDR) that is required by Government Code Section 2054.0965. Most questions in the IRDR are optional for IHEs pursuant to Government Code Section 2054.1211. Since few IHEs respond to these optional questions, the information included in this report is based primarily on responses from approximately 80 state agencies.
All information included in this report is from the IRDR unless otherwise noted.

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