Speed Kills

Speeding is an aggressive behavior that endangers everyone on the road, including motorists, law enforcement, road work crews, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Speeding heightens the risk of causing or being involved in a life-threatening crash. Along with raising the chances of losing control of the vehicle, speeding increases stopping distance, reduces the driver’s reaction time to weather conditions and unexpected obstacles, and increases crash severity by amplifying the forces experienced in a collision.
In 2021 there was a 7.4% increase in speed-related fatalities over the previous year

It’s Not the Traffic, It’s the Speed

Speed has an impact on safety even when driving at the speed limit but too fast for road conditions, including bad weather, work zones, or in areas that are not well lit.

Beyond the Speeding Driver

Speeding often affects more than just the speeding driver. This aggressive behavior has contributed to the loss of life of far too many passengers and pedestrians over the past decade.
Note: As you explore the data, be aware of the different scales for each group in the visualization shown here.

Speed Limits

TxDOT strives to set reasonable and safe speed limits with the goal of getting motorists to their destination as safely and quickly as possible. Roads are safest when everyone is driving at similar speeds. To determine speed limits, TxDOT engineers study motorist speed and take into account factors such as crash history, road width, curves, driveway density, and shoulder width. High speeds lead to dangerous conditions such as loss of control, increased stopping distance and higher impacts. Speeds that are too low can also lead to unsafe conditions, such as bigger differences in speed and a tendency among drivers to ignore the signs or disrespect speed limits in general.

Be Safe. Drive Smart.

TxDOT continues to educate the public on all safe driving practices including the dangers of speeding. Speeding is costing lives on Texas roadways and the Be Safe Drive Smart campaign reminds drivers to always follow the posted speed limits, and to drive at a safe speed for traffic, road, and weather conditions. Additionally, driving conditions may mean the safest speed is lower than the posted speed limit.
Police vehicle behind a white car. Slow down or pay up. Be Safe. Drive Smart. TxDOT. #EndTheStreakTX