2022 Biennial Performance Report

Advancing the Next Generation of Technology in Texas

Supplemental Reports

  • Report on EIR Accessibility — Summary of agency and state progress in providing electronic and information resources access to individuals with disabilities. Government Code, Section 2054.055(b)(9)
  • Report on Texas.gov — Report on the status, progress, benefits, and efficiency gains of the state electronic internet portal. Government Code, Sections 2054.055 and 2054.260
  • Report on Telecommunications Performance — Report on the progress of the state telecommunications network and the centralized Capitol Complex Telephone System. Government Code, Sections 2054.055(b)(10) and 2054.055(b-1)
  • Report on Project Management Practices — Report on state agencies' progress in developing and implementing project management practices. Government Code, Section 2054.157(b)
  • Report on Internet-Based Training — Summary of the amount and use of Internet-based training. Government Code, Section 2054.055 (b)(8)
  • Report on State Technology Expenditures — Summary of total state information technology (IT) expenditures. Government Code, Sec. 2054.055(b)(4)