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Overview of Data Available for TDA's Food & Nutrition Programs

Food and Nutrition program data is now self-service 24/7

Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has joined multiple state and local governments in adding their most commonly requested data to the Texas Open Data Portal for public access at Data.Texas.Gov.  These datasets are accessible to the public from the Agriculture tile on the Data.Texas.Gov home page and are exportable to Excel-compatible files.

What data is available?

Sponsors (Contracting Entities - CE) and sites participating in federal funded nutrition assistance programs provide TDA with information for program application and meal reimbursement using the Texas Unified Nutrition Program System (TX-UNPS). Data published to the Open Data Portal is extracted from this system and published by program for program years 2015-2016 to present. 

  • Contact and Program Participation data: TDA collects data from Contracting Entity (CE) sponsors and point-of-service Sites during the application process including who is participating in meal programs, what components of the program they are participating in, where they are located, who is sponsoring them, and how to get in touch with them.
  • Meal Counts and Reimbursement data: TDA collects data from participants during the claims process including how many eligible meals were served in a claim month, what type of meals were served, total monthly enrollments, free and reduced-price eligibility enrollments, and how much participants were reimbursed for those meals. Operators have 60 days from the last meal service day to submit claims.
  • Food Service Management Company (FSMC) data: TDA collects data from CE sponsors participating in School Nutrition Programs about Food Service Management Companies they may contract with. Published data is currently available for School Nutrition Program participants for the active program year only and is updated at the beginning of the program year. 
Clicking on the Dataset Content Overview images below will take you to the TDA Data Overview page for that program. Program Data Overview pages include direct links to published datasets, filterable sponsor contacts, and dataset field lists with pop-up data descriptions.

Current Monthly Meal Count

TDA F&N provides a dashboard that displays the number of meals and snacks approved for reimbursement for the current program year for School Nutrition Programs (NSLP, SBP), Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP), and Summer Meal Programs (SFSP, SSO). The dashboard is updated monthly and is based on meal reimbursement datasets published on the Texas Open Data Portal. 
Contracting Entities have 60 days to file their monthly claim for meal reimbursement.

How current is the data?

Data for program years that have closed are updated at six months and one year after the close of the active program period and then remain static but published on the Open Data Portal.
Graphic: Food and Nutrition dataset update schedule

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