2022 Biennial Performance Report

Accelerating the Next Generation of Technology in Texas

Letter from the Executive Director

Governor Abbott, Members of the Legislature, and Texas IT Leaders,
In an ever-changing technology landscape, the State of Texas is at the forefront of bringing the next generation of technology to its state agencies and Texas residents. More than ever before, the importance of technology and the people who enable it are critical to the state’s mission. State agencies must be prepared to evolve with the changing needs of Texans and proactively plan for and invest in technology that transforms how Texas government serves Texans.
The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is pleased to present the 2022 Biennial Performance Report (BPR) on the use of information resources technologies by state government. DIR produces the BPR to report agencies’ progress toward the four strategic technology goals defined in the 2022-2026 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management. The report also shares agency success stories, highlighting technology accomplishments that align with these goals.
  • Goal 1: Secure IT Service Delivery
  • Goal 2: Advanced Data Management
  • Goal 3: Strategic Digital Transformation
  • Goal 4: Proactive Approach to Emerging Technologies
Over the past biennium, Texas government exhibited significant progress in delivering secure, innovative technology that makes government more efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable. Texas agencies are planning for and implementing solutions that modernize Texas government services. To facilitate these efforts, this report includes recommendations for legislative considerations to help state agencies prepare for the next generation of technology in Texas.
Through collaboration with agency technology leaders and with the support of the legislature, the State of Texas will continue to be a national leader in delivering a secure, digital government through well-designed, innovative, and efficient technology solutions.

Amanda Crawford
Executive Director, Texas Department of Information Resources
Chief Information Officer, State of Texas