2020 Biennial Performance Report

Advancing the Next Generation of Technology in Texas

Goal 2: Advanced Data Management & Digital Services 

Data is one of the state’s most valued strategic assets with the ability to inform agency business processes and decisions. Digital services provide opportunities for state agencies to improve and transform processes by augmenting traditional in-person operations or making services available online to better serve Texans. 


  1. Implement fundamental data management, governance, policies, and best practices.
  2. Explore mobile and digital methods.
  3. Spur change with data driven decisions supported by business intelligence.
  4. Ensure procurement and deployment of digital services provides accessible electronic information resources.
  5. Focus on customers’ needs and preferences with user-centric design applications.


  1. Improve business decisions, reduce  costs, and increase automated processes.
  2. Improve customer service through informed decisions and increased data quality.
  3. Ensure technology is accessible  and not contingent on a user's single sense or ability.
  4. Increase efficiency and improve business relationships through  a robust digital ecosystem.
  5. Increase opportunities for agency data sharing to address topics


Strong data governance helps state agencies manage data that is within their organization. It helps employees understand how to use, share, manage, and dispose of it properly. Adopting business intelligence and analytics tools enables state agencies to make more informed decisions, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiencies. Several agencies are advancing data management and using digital services to improve the customer experience. 


While state agencies understand the value and importance of strong data governance, lack of dedicated personnel is a significant barrier. State agencies must increase use of mobile applications and digital methods to deliver immediate, seamless government services.


Several agencies are advancing data management and using digital services to improve the customer experience. In addition, state agencies are still in the early stages of planning or implementing mobile applications. The State of Texas must increase efficiencies for data management and digital services to better serve Texans. DIR recommends the following actions to continue the advancement of data management practices and innovative digital services. 
1. Accelerate data management, data sharing, and data transparency. 
2. Implement digital applications for state government payments and services.