Statewide Maps

Locating Trends and Patterns

Adding geographic data to the analysis of serious and fatal injury crashes helps identify problem areas that require safety interventions. Depending on what the data reveals, interventions can include engineering improvements, targeted enforcement, or traffic safety education and outreach that may be tailored for specific audiences.
To see more data by year and location, visit the Crash Tree Analysis dashboard on

Fatalities by TxDOT District

Explore fatal crashes in this interactive map by filtering, zooming and panning. Hover over each of the 25 districts to see its  total fatalities, as well as a list of fatalities by county within each district.  

Fatal and Serious Injuries, 2018–2021

This interactive map visualizes crash fatalities and suspected serious injuries by TxDOT district. Mapping the data and filtering it by year reveals some consistent patterns in various parts of the state.

Click It or Ticket

Click It or Ticket is a statewide multimedia campaign aimed at supporting enforcement of state occupant protection laws. This public information and education campaign warns drivers and passengers to buckle up day or night or risk a citation. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of dying by 45 percent for people in the front seat of passenger cars. Since pickup trucks are more likely to roll over than passenger vehicles, for people in pickups seat belts reduce the risk of dying by 60 percent. The Click It or Ticket campaign is part of a national mobilization led by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during the month of May each year. 
Man looking at police lights in rearview mirror. Click it or ticket. Day or Night. Abroche o page. Día y noche. TxDOT