TxDOT Traffic Safety
Data Portal

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) collects and analyzes a wide variety of traffic safety data, including annual crash statistics published in Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics Annual Reports. Crash data is used to improve traffic safety engineering and education, and fuel TxDOT's campaign #EndTheStreakTX, with the ultimate goal of ending daily deaths on Texas roadways.
This Traffic Safety Data Portal provides insights into cumulative crash data and data for seven important emphasis areas: Impaired Driving, Distracted Driving, Speeding, Work Zones, Motorcycles, Pedestrians and Pedalcyclists, and Seat Belts. Explore the interactive data visualizations and maps throughout the Traffic Safety Data Portal by clicking on the Statewide Data and Emphasis Area links below. For in-depth and custom analysis of crash data, please visit the Crash Records Information System (CRIS) application CRIS Query. CRIS Query allows the public to query, extract, and analyze publicly available crash data through an internet browser.

TxDOT’s Commitment to Safety

Safety is TxDOT's number one priority and informs every aspect of our work. This commitment to safety is a fundamental part of our transportation planning, traffic safety education, crash data analysis, and the work we do to build and maintain a safe and reliable transportation system for Texans.   

The Road to Zero - TxDOT's Vision

Ten people are killed every day on average on roads in Texas. Texans can play a major role in ending fatal crashes with a few simple driving habits: wearing seatbelts, driving the speed limit, not texting or being distracted, and never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
In 2019, the Texas Transportation Commission set an objective for TxDOT to end all fatalities on Texas roads by 2050. The commission also set a goal of cutting fatal crashes in half by 2035, which would reduce annual fatalities to about 1,800.
In 2021, the Commission also established a task force of representatives from TxDOT and the state’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to further identify and fund safety projects from funding allocated to MPOs throughout the state, with a relentless focus on reducing the number of fatalities on Texas highways.